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Best 5 Dark Chocolate Bars

Dark chocolate has surged in popularity as an indulgence that’s not only rich in taste but also in health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, and sometimes less sugar compared to its milk chocolate counterpart, dark chocolate is an appealing treat for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with a more mindful approach. The increase in demand for high-quality dark chocolate has led to a market flush with options, varying in cocoa content, origin, and additional flavor profiles.

When shopping for the best dark chocolate bar, it’s crucial to consider the cocoa percentage, as this can greatly affect both the flavor and health benefits. Typically, a higher cocoa content means a more intense chocolate flavor and less sweetness. For true aficionados, single-origin chocolate bars offer a taste of the unique characteristics imparted by cocoa grown in specific regions. Additionally, checking the ingredient list is key; the best dark chocolate bars often have minimal ingredients, showcasing the chocolate itself without unnecessary additives.

Texture and tempering are also critical; a well-tempered chocolate bar will have a satisfying snap and a smooth melt feel. Craft chocolatiers often focus on the fine details of producing bars that not only taste exceptional but also have perfect mouthfeel. With this in mind, I have dedicated extensive hours to evaluating various dark chocolate bars to determine which stand out as the finest – examining taste, texture, cocoa content, and overall quality. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

I am excited to guide you through the top choices and what makes each a stellar representation of dark chocolate excellence.

1. TJ’s Belgian Dark Chocolate

Trader Joe's Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars

I believe the TJ’s Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars pack is a smart choice for those who appreciate variety and rich flavors in their chocolate indulgences.


  • Includes three distinct and rich dark chocolate flavors
  • Perfectly portioned bars for a quick treat
  • High-quality Belgian chocolate offers a premium taste experience


  • Smaller size may not satisfy those who prefer a larger treat
  • While the variety is appreciated, some may find certain flavors less to their liking

After unwrapping one of these TJ’s chocolate bars, the first thing I noticed was the inviting aroma that speaks volumes about its quality. The smell alone enticed me to take a bite immediately, but hey it does not take much for me to eat chocolate.

As I savored the dark chocolate, the rich, full-bodied taste confirmed that this was no ordinary treat. It’s clear from the first square that TJ’s has mastered the art of chocolate-making.

I found the smaller size of these bars to be quite convenient. It’s easy to tuck one into a bag for an on-the-go snack. This pack of nine bars means we always have some on hand when a chocolate craving strikes. The 1.7-ounce serving is just right for those moments when you want something sweet without overindulging.

Variety is the spice of life, and within this pack, TJ’s variety of dark chocolate bars doesn’t disappoint. Each flavor offers a unique twist on the classic dark chocolate bar, satisfying different taste preferences. I enjoyed each type on its own, but they’re also versatile enough to be broken up and used in baking or as an elegant touch to a cheese platter.

2. Lindt Excellence

Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

I think the Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar is a luxurious choice for anyone with a palate for intensely rich flavors and likely the top choice for “Health Bar”.


  • 95% Cocoa, if you are seeking the health benefits then this is hard to beat
  • Intense, pure cocoa flavor caters to dark chocolate connoisseurs
  • Precisely portioned squares make for easy moderation
  • Ethically sourced ingredients align with sustainable shopping values


  • The bitter taste may not appeal to everyone
  • Limited sweetness which might not satisfy all chocolate cravings

When I tasted the Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar, its profound cocoa flavor impressed me. Its smooth texture and the depth of the chocolate are unlike any I had in a while. Moving on from the initial bittersweet notes, it reveals surprisingly balanced undertones that are both sophisticated and bold.

Having it as an after-dinner treat somehow elevated our whole dining experience. The richness means just a square or two is enough to satisfy without going overboard on indulgence. It’s also versatile in our kitchen; we’ve shaved it over desserts and even incorporated it into our baking for that gourmet chocolate twist.

Be mindful, though, as I discovered this isn’t your typical sugary chocolate – some friends found it too bitter for their liking. Despite the noted drawbacks, my experience with Lindt Excellence was largely positive, whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a recipe. It adds a touch of luxury to our day, and its commitment to sustainability makes me feel good about indulging.

3. Green & Black’s 85% Cacao

Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

I think you’ll adore Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar for its sumptuous depth of cacao and ethical sourcing, making each square a guilt-free indulgence.


  • Luxuriously rich and complex chocolate flavor
  • Made with organic and fair trade ingredients
  • Includes individually wrapped bars for convenience


  • Might be too intense for those new to dark chocolate
  • Premium pricing compared to some other brands

Green & Black’s masterfully strikes a balance between the robust flavor of dark chocolate and the smooth texture I covet in a sweet treat. The 85% cacao content offers a deep chocolate experience that lingers on the palate, making it perfect for savoring slowly.

My experience with this chocolate was delightful; its indulgent taste reflects the quality of the Trinitario beans. Being organic and fair trade, we also appreciate the commitment to sustainability and ethical practices in each bite.

Handling this chocolate, one can’t help but notice the care in packaging—it’s clearly designed for sharing, gifting, or simply enjoying a moment of decadence alone. Its understated elegance makes it a luxurious yet accessible choice for any dark chocolate connoisseur.

4. TJ’s Chocolate Passport

Trader Joe's Chocolate Passport

I think you’ll find TJ’s Chocolate Passport to be a delightful tasting journey worth indulging in.


  • Each bar offers a unique flavor profile
  • Attractive packaging suitable for gifting
  • High-quality chocolate provides a rich tasting experience


  • Portion sizes may be smaller than expected
  • The price point could be a bit steep for some
  • Taste differences between bars can be subtle

Upon unwrapping the sophisticated box of TJ’s Chocolate Passport, I was greeted with a range of chocolate bars, each promising its own distinct origin story. As a connoisseur of fine chocolate, I found these little bars to be more than just a treat; they take us on a global journey, from the first bite to the last. The attention to detail in presentation makes it an immediate talking point in any setting.

The moment the rich, dark chocolate melts on the tongue, I was reminded of what high-quality chocolate should taste like. The differences in flavor are subtle but distinct, making it clear that this isn’t your average supermarket find. It’s been a joy to savor each variety, trying to pinpoint the nuanced hints of terroir within each one.

I must acknowledge, however, that not everyone will appreciate the subtleties that distinguish each bar. Some may prefer their chocolate to have more diverse flavor notes. Furthermore, the initial impression of the bars’ size could surprise – they’re daintier than expected, though this does encourage savoring each piece rather than devouring it.

5. Lindt EXCELLENCE 85%

Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bar

If you’re seeking a velvety chocolate with a robust flavor, we think the Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% is a sumptuous choice that won’t disappoint.


  • Rich, profound cocoa taste
  • Perfect for sophisticated palates
  • Ideal for both snacking and baking


  • May be too intense for those new to dark chocolate
  • Contains some sugar, which health purists might avoid
  • Packaging can be difficult to preserve freshness after opening

Taking a bite of Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar is like entering a world where bitterness and sweetness find harmony. The cocoa’s intensity hits the palate first but soon unfolds into layers of complex flavors that only a high-quality dark chocolate can offer.

I noticed the silky texture that Lindt promises; it’s not just advertising fluff. The chocolate melts evenly, releasing subtle aromatic hints that linger pleasantly. I plan on using in my holiday baking this year.

While savoring a square, I couldn’t help but appreciate the careful balance achieved with this chocolate. It’s bitter, yet not overpowering, and the slight sweetness is just right to highlight the natural flavors without masking them. Those used to sweeter chocolates might need a moment to adjust, but I believe the shift is a rewarding one.

Buying Guide

When we’re on the hunt for the best dark chocolate bar, it’s essential to inspect a few key features to ensure we make an informed decision.

Cacao Content

We should consider the cacao content, typically indicated as a percentage on the packaging. A higher percentage usually implies a more intense chocolate flavor as well as greater potential health benefits.

70-85%Rich and bold
85%+Very dark, bitter


It’s crucial to look closely at the list of ingredients. We aim for a bar with the fewest additives. Pure dark chocolate often contains cocoa mass, sugar, and cocoa butter, sometimes with lecithin and vanilla.

  • Cocoa Mass: Higher on the ingredient list suggests a purer bar.
  • Sugar: Less sugar means a more authentic chocolate experience.
  • Additives: Fewer additives often indicate a higher-quality product.


The origin of the cacao beans can influence the flavor profile of the chocolate. Knowing the origin can give us a hint about the quality since some regions are renowned for their superior beans.

  • Single-Origin: Known for distinctive flavors from a specific region.
  • Blends: Combine beans from various origins; can be crafted for a balanced taste.


We should look for certain certifications that may align with our preferences and values, such as organic, fair trade, or Rainforest Alliance. These certifications can provide assurance about the ethical and sustainable production practices.

OrganicNo synthetic fertilizers
Fair TradeEthical treatment of workers
RainforestCommitment to conservation

By keeping these features in mind, we can select a dark chocolate bar that satisfies both our palate and our principles.

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